Tech Diving Courses

Expand your knowledge and dive deeper for longer with a range of Tech Diving courses from the professional team at Feet First Dive Nelson Bay, the only 5* TDI centre in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Nelson Bay and the Port Stephens Marine Park provide the ideal location for you to gain knowledge and experience in all levels of tech diving. The SS Macleay wreck lies a short distance from the harbour and is an ideal site for Tech Diving, whilst deep shark dives at Broughton Island are a must.

Our full range of tech diving courses help you to move beyond recreational diving limitations, whilst our instructors are some of the best and most highly qualified in Australia. Choose Feet First Dive for a challenging, fun and safe experience.

Qualified Tech Divers can join us for a double tank boat dive each weekend to explore the deeper sites and we also host regular group diving trips to dive deep wreck sites in Vanuatu and Truk Lagoon.

Intro to Tech

Ideal for Recreational divers wishing to experience Tech Diving for the first time without jumping in for a full course. This introduction for Tech Diving builds upon your current skills with tech equipment, advanced buoyancy and new finning techniques to prepare you for the next level.

Advanced Nitrox

Spend more time underwater doing what you enjoy and expand your knowledge of breathing nitrox mixes of more than 40%.

Advanced Nitrox Divers can dive to 40m and learn dive planning and equipment considerations for different o2 mixes. Bottom time is extended so you can explore more for longer.

Decompression Procedures Course

Don’t cut the dive short due to no-decompression limits! Extend your bottom time with a Decompression Procedures Course.

Develop advanced dive planning skills and learn how to make deco-stops using decompression gases, diving to a max depth of 45m. Combined with Advanced Nitrox you are on your way to additional tech diving levels.

Extended Range Course

Dive deeper by learning the proper techniques for utilising compressed air as a breathing gas. Extended Range divers qualify to dive to max depths of 55m, whilst using compression gases on deco stops.

Perfect for deep diving where there is limited helium available.

Trimix Diver Course

Go deeper for longer whilst avoiding the narcotic effects of oxygen and nitrogen by adding helium into the mix. The Trimix Diver Course allows tech divers to reach 60m and dive for longer, giving additional time for wreck and cave penetration.

With the Trimix Diver certification there are few places you will not be able to explore underwater!

Rebreather Course

Discover the joys of bubble-free diving through our range of closed circuit and semi-closed rebreather dive courses. Join our rebreather specialists for the best training in the Hunter Valley.