Spearfishing Gear

At Feet First Dive we’re not just about scuba! You will find a full range of Ocean Hunter and Rob Allen Spearfishing Gear as well as many items from Salvimar available in our store. No matter your brand preference we have everything the discerning Spearo needs to make their perfect shot.

If you are new to spearfishing then the Base Hunter Package from Ocean Hunter will start you on your way in this exciting sport. Whilst the Rob Allen guns we stock, including the Sparid Railgun, are well known for their durability and accuracy coming in lightweight aluminium or carbon fibre shafts.

Keep warm in the water with a choice of skins, wetsuits and two-piece suits, our team particularly favour the Elude long john and jacket from Pinnacle.

We have a wide selection of spearfishing accesories in our Nelson Bay store including float lines, weightbelts, gun rubbers, knives, cluster heads, bungee, shackles and crimps. Come on by