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Little Beach Dive

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Descending in a westerly direction along the sandy beach slopes & beds of ribbon weed, we come to the Little Beach Boathouse jetty, which is only a 3-5m deep but bursting with fish life & provides fabulous wide-angle photo opportunities, especially on sunny days with perfect natural lighting. The pier’s pylons are covered with sponges & algaes where nudibranchs, shrimp & crabs like to hang out too. A short ~100m westerly swim from the jetty in approx 10-12m lies the sunken wreckage of a barge, ideal for sightings of tropical fish, including pineapple fish, wrasse and pomfreds/bullseyes. Between the wreckage & the pier are fields of soft coral plumes, with yellow gorgonian fans where seahorses & cowries are often found. When cruising over the sand beds sting rays and cuttlefish are your most likely encounter.

Safety First

Our dive professionals are rescue, CPR, First Aid and O2 trained with appropriate equipment onsite.

Guided Dives

Our highly trained, experienced dive professionals can guide you through an unforgettable diving experience.

Gear Hire

Gear hire options available from tanks and weights to full hire.

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Come visit us in at our 5 Star Dive Centre in Port Stephens!

97 Stockton St, Nelson Bay 2315 NSW

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