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Fly Point Dive

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Rated the best shore-access dive on the Eastern sea-board of Australia, it is clearly one of the most popular shore dives in Nelson Bay. “Fly” is known for it’s wealth of biodiversity, & easy natural navigational markings, making it a relatively shallow, creature packed, stress-free dive site. You can easily find nudibranchs inhabiting all depth contours, wobbegong sharks laying over orange bowl corals, & one of our 4 resident green sea turtles often resting under the 5-7m kelp covered ledge. As you dive into deeper water down the coral covered slope, “the ledge” is the favourite spot for most divers. Often called the “fish bowl” the east-west running 12-14m ledge is a refuge for large & small creatures alike. It’s where we see a wider variety of fish life including the stunning Pineapple-fish & sawtail surgeonfish. Directly to the north of the ledge is our vast sponge and gorgonian “Soft Coral Garden” (14m-26m). The undulating topography is an ideal place for engrossing yourself in a critter hunt, or just experiencing the beauty of nutrient-rich bed of filter-feeders & the creatures that call the gardens home. Also commonly seen throughout the site are Eastern blue groupers, varieties of leather-jacket & morwong, schools of bream, moray & conger eels, cowries & pipefish. After enjoying slack time on the ledge or in the gardens, by slowly heading south up the slope, we complete our dive with a safety stop traversing the 5-7m ledge in an easterly direction, then up & over the shallow seagrass beds to the exit, where many juvenile fish & bottom-dwellers are found.

Safety First

Our dive professionals are rescue, CPR, First Aid and O2 trained with appropriate equipment onsite.

Guided Dives

Our highly trained, experienced dive professionals can guide you through an unforgettable diving experience.

Gear Hire

Gear hire options available from tanks and weights to full hire.

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Come visit us in at our 5 Star Dive Centre in Port Stephens!

97 Stockton St, Nelson Bay 2315 NSW

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