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Shore Dives

Nelson Bay is renowned for the best shore diving in NSW with a large marine park surrounding most of the sites.

There is a multitude of dive sites, however, our three main shore sites must be dived on the high tide.

Check out our Locations page for an interactive map for each location.

Contact the pro team of divers at Feet First Dive Nelson Bay to check the Port Stephens local tide times, information on hire gear and drive-thru air fills.


dive nelson bay halifax parkAt Hallifax Park you are met by Frank, the huge Blue Groper, as you descend down past colourful sponge gardens to the 18m mark. There is one particular spot we call The Boobs, where you will see twin coral heads. During your dive you are likely to see thousands of fish, moray eels and occasionally a turtle. If you are lucky a dolphin may just swim by! This site drops down to 28m where the sand meets the coral gardens. It is easily accessible via a stone path onto a sandy area. This is a fully protected site – which means divers only!


dive nelson bay fly pointAs you enter the water you are greeted by hundreds of Bream. This site has a maximum depth of 18m where you dive among a number of ledges. Hidden under and among the ledges are schools of fish. This dive is extremely popular – get in early on the weekends if you want to park near the entry. Entry is via some concrete stairs, complements of the Port Stephens Council.


dive nelson bay the pipe lineA must see for macro divers and keen photographers. Maximum depth of 16m.

Along the pipe you will find small colonies and eco systems of fish, nudibranch and seahorses.


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